Dog’s New Owners “Informed” The Person Who Abandoned Him That He Did Not Break His Soul

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Every day, we hear stories about the heartbreaking fate of dogs caused by the misdeeds of cruel people. Sometimes, it is really hard to believe that there are humans who are able to do such things to their best furry friends. 

Unfortunately, they push the boundaries every day by inflicting unimaginable pain on these helpless beings, which makes true dog lovers sad and also furious. It was the same this time when the owner abandoned his dog after abusing him for a long time. 

When a good soul found him in a desperate state on the street, she decided to save him and change his life forever. Soon, she had a message for that heartless man in which she “explained” to him everything in just one sentence.  

Pain That Became A Blessing

old brown dogSource: @moose.the.tripawd

A Pit Bull named Moose was found at a bus station one day. He was in a terrible state – his leg was fractured, and he was hobbling around, broken both inside and out. 

Fortunately, Moose was soon saved and taken care of but the road to recovery was not at all easy. Good souls gave him all the pain medications they could find and did everything to heal his wounds, but he still wasn’t able to walk properly. 

brown dog with three legsbrown dog with three legsSource: @moose.the.tripawd

Sadly, his broken leg was so bad that they eventually had to amputate it. Yet, out of all that pain and misery, a new life was born. 

Soon after, Moose’s new family decided to post a TikTok video via @moose.the.tripawd in which they wanted to send a symbolic message to his former owner. The content of this short video showed the most significant moments in the new life of this Pit Bull.

In a short period, Moose witnessed snow for the first time and also went through hydrotherapy where he fell in love with swimming. He also managed to graduate from puppy school, learn to walk again, and enjoy all the splendors that life offers. 

woman and brown dog layingwoman and brown dog layingSource: @moose.the.tripawd

However, the most important thing – he fell in love with his new family and they promised never to betray him. 

Moose was later diagnosed with Addison’s disease, but he emerged victorious from that battle as well, and nothing could stop him from living life to the fullest anymore. 

three legged dogthree legged dogSource: @moose.the.tripawd

His family wrote a direct message to his former owner in the video caption: “A little message to whoever dumped him, he’s better off without you.”

It turned out that the most painful day for this dog was also the happiest in his life. That day marked his new beginning. 

@moose.the.tripawd a little message to whoever dumped him, hes better off without you👏 #fyp #trend #tripawd #rescuedog ♬ Possibility – Lykke Li

Many Hearts Cried

People all around the world were heartbroken when they saw Moose’s video. Their hearts cried because of his sad fate, but they were also delighted because of his new life and inspired by the message sent to his former owner. 

There were many reactions, but we highlighted only a few comments. 

tiktok commentstiktok commentsSource: @moose.the.tripawd

“Bless him and you, thank you for giving this angel baby a second chance to enjoy his life ❤️” one user wrote. 

“he’s been through so much 😭😭😭 ❤️❤️❤️” another added. 

And the third quipped: “We don’t deserve these angels 😭❤️”

We absolutely agree with the last one, but we also think people like Moose’s new owners deserve admiration and respect for all they have done. 

They are the true heroes and the light at the end of the long and dark tunnel. 


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