Goldendoodle Meeting Her Old Friends Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See All Day

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They say elephants don’t forget, but what if I told you dogs don’t forget either?

It may take them a while to remember the face, but the smell they figure out first. And if those were best friends in question, you can bet they were never forgotten. 

When Sailor the Goldendoodle moved away, she knew she would miss her dear friends. But, would Sailor remember them after a while? 

Friendships made at the doggy park are the ones you never forget and Sailor’s reunion with her canine BFFs is absolutely the cutest thing you’ll see today!

I Know That Smell, I Know That Face

Goldendoodle dog in carSource: TikTok

Moving can be so stressful for dogs. 

Although the dog might not show signs of stress, trust me, they’re there. Any bigger change can affect a dog’s behavior or feelings. 

That’s why one of the biggest issues is to make the transition from living in one place to another as easy as it can get for dogs.

Sailor and her mom moved, but the girls didn’t forget their old neighborhood. Knowing how much her Goldendoodle misses her buddies, hoomom decided to pay them a visit after only two months of living in another place. 

Needless to say, Sailor was thrilled. The move was hard on her because she had to leave Boo and Buddy behind – her two very best friends. 

As Sailor realized they were pulling into the old street, her excitement grew like crazy. 

I know this place… I know these smellz,.. Itz mah frens!

Buddy, the gorgeous Lab, was the first to visit. Both dogs were beyond thrilled to see each other and shared tons of sniffs and kisses. 

Goldendoodle dog and white dogGoldendoodle dog and white dogSource: TikTok

As the dynamic duo was chilling in the shade, catching up, along came Boo, the Golden Retriever! He pranced around, happy to see his best friend, and he couldn’t hide his emotions. Sailor was backm and they had so many games to play to make up for the lost time

Goldendoodle dog and two dogsGoldendoodle dog and two dogsSource: TikTok

The three musketeers were back together, and nothing could stop them!

three dogs sitting outsidethree dogs sitting outsideSource: TikTok

Okay, nothing but Sailor’s mom. The visit was a brief one, but still a lovely trip down the literal memory lane where Sailor made her first friends and had the happiest moments of her life. 

Sailor and her mom have to move on with their lives somewhere else, but true friends will always stay in their hearts.

Who knows: maybe this visit was just the first one, and many more would follow?

To stay posted on Sailor’s adventures, you can follow her on TikTok, where the video of the reunion went viral.

Sailor and her friends are a great exception to the rule that says far from the eye, far from the heart. Doggy friendships are one of the purest forms of friendship, let’s not forget that! 


Furever my Friends! #

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