Woman Takes Her Dogs Hiking, Then Realizes She Forgot Something Really Important

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Being a dog owner is most certainly not an easy job. In many regards, it’s like having a toddler, but for 10 to 15 years.

There are many things you need to know and think about constantly because they can not do it themselves. This can get absolutely exhausting sometimes.

So, mistakes happen. You forgot to clean the dog’s bed, or you misplaced his favorite toy and can’t find it.

Unfortunate incidents like this happen and there is nothing wrong with it. On top of having many different obligations in our everyday lives, no one should feel bad if they forget something.

However, for this woman, the problem was that she went for a hike with her dogs and only then realized that she had forgotten their leads.

Adapting To The Situation

dog smiling on the beachSource: TikTok

After Paulina realized this unfortunate fact, it was already too late to turn back and go home as she drove for two hours straight to get there.

So, in order for this not to ruin their trip, she went into her car to check if there was some stuff she could use as leads.

Paulina found USB cables and headphones that were meant for a charity store, so she had a brilliant idea.

She would use them as leads. While it’s not the most practical solution, it was the best one she had and there was no way they could go back.

So, she tied the USB cables around one dog and the headphones on the other. While it was a phantom lead for the other dog, it did the trick.

white dog on the beachwhite dog on the beachSource: TikTok

They didn’t figure out that those weren’t their leads, which was amazing for Paulina. It meant that this trip was saved.

During their hike, they got a lot of strange looks, but Paulina didn’t care. The only thing that mattered was that her pups stayed safe.

She told Newsweek: “Walking them off the lead was not an option. They don’t have a good recall; typical small dogs, they do what they want.” 

Internet’s Reaction

dog hikingdog hikingSource: TikTok

She later posted this video on her TikTok account where it received quite a bit of attention and funny reactions.

One commenter said: “With my military background, I would have done the same thing. Sometimes you have to use what you have on hand! Kudos for thinking outside the box!”

This comment just illustrates how important it is to be able to improvise a solution to a problem in some situations. For Paulina, it worked pretty well.

Another person commented: “Resourceful. It was either the headphones or my jumper!”

dog on hikingdog on hikingSource: TikTok

While it’s a hilarious compliment on Paulina’s solution, it can also show us how sometimes coming “too prepared” can be a good thing.

Lastly, someone said: “I forgot my pup’s dog leash so I had to attached him to my other dog’s lead and they shared the hardness. Luckily, it was just a quick night walk, and I could let them off when no one was around.”

It’s interesting to see that this is not an isolated event and that it happens to other people as well.

In the end, Paulina’s ability to overcome and adapt to the problem at hand allowed her and the pups to go on an amazing hiking adventure, and everyone enjoyed themselves. It was a very positive experience.


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