Technology Lead – MJL Recruiting and Consulting – USA

Job title: Technology Lead

Company: MJL Recruiting and Consulting

Job description: Role SummaryAs a Technology Lead will be responsible for leading development and technology strategy for new companies we seek to create at company.In this role, you will work cross-functionally to develop the end-to-end product and technology strategies for current and future newcos incubated at company.The expectations of your responsibilities and vision of success to ensure the launch of multiple companies and products every year is detailed below; What You’ll Do Technology Responsibilities

  • As the lead technologist in the team, you will guide the team through all the phases from idea to market: ideation, hypothesis validation, research, prototyping and working with devs for implementation.
  • Own the development of product features end-to-end, including scoping, architecting, coding, testing, and rolling out rapid prototypes and releases.
  • Translate business requirements into well-formed technical design, systems and strategies that solve real startup problems and scale with the business.
  • Set the standard for engineering excellence at company and support your team members in building products together.
  • Identify, procure, and oversee the management of technology stacks required for us and the high-level support of all Newcos.
  • Identify additional technology needs, tools and platforms to support individual Newcos.

General Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with a diverse team of visionaries, seasoned entrepreneurs, rebel creatives, master technicians to shape and bring new ideas to life.
  • Lead and contribute to weekly team working sessions to tackle problems, define solutions and make progress on your assigned tasks.
  • Actively engage with team members via our collaboration tools.
  • Join weekly team showcases and wider company events as appropriate.
  • Champion us in the market, share our mission, live our values and bring more people to our community.

What Success Looks Like

  • You create a fast-paced environment that has little technical debt and utilizes the latest technologies in app development.
  • Develop innovative, user-friendly applications around compelling customer experiences.
  • Uphold high standards for code quality, test coverage, and platform stability.
  • Make improvements to developer productivity through process and technology improvements and mentorship.
  • Build and launch multiple new companies with remarkable technologies at speed you never thought possible before us!

Key Requirements

  • You are exceptionally collaborative in your design process. You can share your work as you go, get feedback and continuously iterate.
  • You enjoy working in a fast-paced environment with multiple collaborators and teams. We promise you will never get bored.
  • You are intrigued by the ambiguity of playing with new ideas, and you can bring in the value and effort it takes to help the team navigate it.
  • You are flexible at covering all design aspects, from branding to validating hypotheses, from prototyping to working with devs and business stakeholders. We don’t expect you to be a ninja at all of this; we do want you to contribute to all the phases of building a new company.
  • You are familiar with low-code/no-code movement, mobile application development, cloud infrastructure and web-related technologies.

You’ll Be Perfect For This Role If .

  • Your favorite phase of the product development process is to bring bold ideas to market.
  • You are curious and a lifelong learner.
  • You want to work remotely; you are comfortable with asynchronous communication and collaboration with people worldwide.
  • You are a technology leader with the spirit of an entrepreneur.
  • You want to be part of a community of highly motivated, passionate and talented individuals.
  • You value excellence, not perfection. Can apply critical thinking and creative doing-that means both, not one or the other.
  • You’re fascinated by human behavior, what makes people tick, and understanding the “why” of people and what they do.

This Role Is Not For You If .

  • You want to learn how to do Technology and Product Design or gain work experience.
  • You need a lot of guidance, hand-holding and detailed specifications before starting. Yes, you’ll have assignments, tasks and deliverables, yet they won’t be written out for you-we expect you’ll identify what needs to be done and get to it.
  • You want the answer given to you. Tend to ask for “more information” instead of seeking it out yourself.
  • Moving faster than you ever have before with high uncertainty is not your jam.
  • Believe in doing what you’ve always done based on your fixed processes and aren’t willing to recalculate on the fly to find a way forward.

Expected salary:

Location: USA

Job date: Tue, 30 Apr 2024 22:48:31 GMT

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